Strawberry and Cream Gourmet Marshmallow 230g


Ever the iconic duo, strawberries and cream have united once more! We think they’ll stop for a tasty marshmallow snack, and then maybe they’ll head off to fight crime!

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Strawberries and Cream have long been considered a match made in heaven. Now, we’re bringing this classic combo into the marshmallow world for a snack that’s simply dreamy! For sunshine and rainy day snackers alike, these delights are the perfect choice for a marshmallow traditionalist.

Strawberries and Cream Ingredients:
Sugar, glucose, gelatine, salt, water, cornflour, Strawberry Essence, Vanilla Essence,(102, 124, 133, 122), (102. 122), (133), (124) , (102. 133. Food Acid (330), Preservatives (211, 202)



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