Brunch Box


Box Size: 45cmx35cmx10cm

10x Sweet items

10x Savoury items

Delivered Between 8am- 12pm 05.09.2021

Order this before the 02.09.2021 for delivery on Father’s Day

Limited Boxes Available order now!




1 Noisette Cherry Danish

1 Noisette Almond Croissant

1 Noisette Pain Au Raisin

1 Noisette Raspberry Pistachio Croissant

1 Cinnamon Donut

4 pieces of Rocky Road

3 pieces of Turkish Delight

6 Chocolate Raspberries

1 packet Chocolate Honeycomb (125g)

1 bar of Chocolate (100g)


1 Noisette Traditional French Baguette

1 That’s Amore Cheese

1  5&Dime Jalapeno & Cheese Bagel

1 Noisette Croque Monsieur

1 Noisette Multigrain dinner roll

1 Noisette Olive dinner roll

1 Noisette Fennel dinner roll

1 Too Good Bakers Quiche Lorraine

1 Candied Bakery Sausage Roll

1 Packet Wasabi Peas (100g)




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