S’mores Kit


Please sir, can I have s’more?

We make it easy for you to make authentic s’mores from your own home with our pre-packaged handmade s’mores kits!

Our handcrafted S’mores kits are enough for 2 serves and contain:

  • 4 x Handmade Graham Crackers
  • 2 x Handmade Gourmet Marshmallows
  • Milk Chocolate for 2 s’mores

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Pre-Packaged S’mores Kits

Always wanting s’more! From the campfire toasting sessions of your youth to modern day outdoor snacking, making s’mores never gets old and now you can enjoy it even more, minus the fuss. Pre-prepared for your convenience, our pre-packaged S’mores Kits are made from top quality ingredients that will make your semi-DIY dessert extra practical and extra delish!

Relive your favourite childhood camping memories and enjoy the best camping food in existence! Our ready-made s’mores kits are good to go straight out of the box. Don’t have room for a bonfire? that’s not a problem! you can toast the marshmallows over a stove-top or even a candle (if you’re patient!).

How do you make S’mores?

  1. Take two graham cracker and place a piece of chocolate on top of each one
  2. Place your marshmallow on the end of your marshmallow toasting stick
  3. Toast marshmallow in fire until toasted it’s toasted to your preference
  4. Place the marshmallow on top of one of the graham cracker/chocolate stack
  5. Use the other cracker with chocolate to pull the marshmallow off of the stick to create a sandwich
  6. Enjoy! (caution – it may be hot)


Best Marshmallows for S’mores

The Marshmallow Co. marshmallows of course! and here’s why:

  1. They’re much softer, fluffier, and squishier than traditional marshmallows
  2. We have over 25 flavours of marshmallows and all of them are perfect for s’mores
  3. They’re packed with real flavour and real ingredients! Where else can you get marshmallows to make a lemon meringue s’more and a minty choc s’more? nowhere!
  4. They’re handmade in small batches at the time of order. All of our marshmallows are made specifically for you when you order, which means they’re only a few days old when you receive them – that’s fresh!



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